MHE Training Ltd

Established Since 2004 MHE Training Ltd. Leicestershire based MHE Training Ltd have the expertise of providing high-quality MHE Forklift Training Courses to companies, based on their needs and job specific requirements.

The forklift truck instructors are registered with the main accrediting bodies. All of our forklift truck courses are run according to recognized testing standards in accordance with HSE L117, we provide operational courses specific to daily use together with customised Courses which are more job specific to certain areas of the workplace where attachments maybe used. MHE Training Ltd, can attend any warehouse in the UK. We offer a variety of courses all courses are in-house and provided onsite at your warehouse. This is quality training designed around operational needs and staff trained onsite using the equipment which will be used on a daily basis plus familiarisation to job specific roles increasing safety and awareness from the Start of training.