Rough Terrain Fixed Mast Construction Plant Training Course- Refresher

Equipment: Rough Terrain: Fixed Mast

Accrediting Body: ITSSAR

Level: Refresher - Certified Operators requiring a Refresher / Re-test in accordance with HSE regulations

Location: Leicester Training Facility / On Site

Course Duration: 1 Day(s)

Max Ratio 3 trainees per course

Cost: £250 + VAT per trainee

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Course Aim

The aim of the course is to provide training and knowledge in the safe and efficient operation of a rough terrain vehicle with a boom below/over 9m (depending on course). This course meets the statutory requirements of the Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, and other relevant statutory provisions.

Course Content


  • The Need to Train & Statutory Requirements
  • Rated Capacities-Stability and instability
  • Operating Safety Code & Site Safely Rules
  • Film “The Correct, Approach”& “Site Safety”
  • Multi Choice Theory Test


  • Introduction to the Machine
  • Control Familiarisation
  • Daily Checks/Refuelling/Simple Maintenance
  • Steering and Drive Modes
  • Steering Procedures, (Un-laden and Laden)
  • Load Weight Assessment
  • Load Handling
  • Use of Stabilisers (where applicable)
  • Stacking and De-stacking Procedures
  • Vehicle Loading/ Unloading
  • Fitting and use of Attachments
  • Practical Skills Test (based on Forum 2000 recommendations)of such

Course Requirements

  • Notebook and pen
  • Appropriate safety wear

All other materials are provided on the course.

Testing & Certification

At the end of this course the standard ITSSAR practical and theoretical test where possible will be conducted for the equipment. This is the current recognised and recommended standards practical operators test. Operators are issued with an encapsulated wallet and full sized certificate. Companies are issued with an A4 sized certificate, the trainees original practical and theoretical test marking sheet, course record and written trainee report where appropriate, as proof of training.