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ITSSAR Instructor Training Info

ITSSAR registers Instructors under various Categories Registration is for a period of 5 years at which time the Instructor would need to attend and pass a Re-registration course (as detailed below).

Cat 1 - ITSSAR registered Instructor

This category is for an EMPLOYED Instructor whether by training centre or industrial company.
This Instructor may not issue Certification in his own name but only in that of his Employer, it is the basic Category that all the following courses qualify individuals for and entitles an Instructor to Train & Test to HSE recognised standards.

Cat 2 - Accredited Instructor

Following registering as Cat 1 with ITSSAR an instructor might seek further accreditation to operate commercially and issue Certificates in his own name.


Under the ITSSAR registration scheme instructors are required to pass 9 assessments in 2 areas of Knowledge & Ability (as listed) over the duration of all the following courses.

Theory Examination

50 multiple choice questions & 10 written questions to verify knowledge, covering;

  1. Health & Safety at Work Act 1974, Provision & Use of Work Equipment Regulations 1998,Lifting Operations & Lifting Equipment Regulations 1998
  2. Current recommendations for the Basic Training of operators
  3. Instructional Techniques

Practical Examination

This verifies the Instructors ability to:-

  1. Pass a Test of Basic Operating Skills to Instructor Standard
  2. Prepare and present a Classroom lesson to a group on a subject nominated by the instructor
  3. Conduct a practical demonstration
  4. Conduct a practical lesson to a group of 2 trainees
  5. Construct and conduct a recognised test of operating skills
  6. Write an end of course report on a trainee whose details will be provided by the examiner.

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All training provided is accredited to ITSSAR accredited training logo standards

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